Kenny Jan​​

All Mr. Jan Math Class instructors are well trained tutors that specialize in small group and 1-on-1 instruction.

We offer a range of after school tutorial services for Middle-High school students to help any type of student and academic goals.

​​​Our Instructors

6th grade Math thru Geometry & SAT/ACT English

6th grade Math thru College Calculus & SAT/ACT Math ​

Proven test strategies and efficient practice methods to improve scores in district and state assessments, ACT, and SAT.

281-313-MATH (6284)

115/hr for minimum 4 session commitment

Private tutoring is 1-on-1 session taught by Mr. Jan to help students catch up with curriculum at an accelerated pace. In the one-hour session, Mr. Jan provides individualized attention to identify student weakness and develop strategies to improve study habits.

Robert Jan​​