All Mr. Jan Math Class instructors are well trained tutors that specialize in small group and 1-on-1 instruction.

Proven test strategies and efficient practice methods to improve scores in district and state assessments, ACT, and SAT.

​​​Our Instructors

Summer HeadStart

Help your student get a head start next Fall by enrolling in our Summer classes! In this 3-week intensive program, we will cover topics that students typically struggle with during the school year. Click here for more information. Seats are filling up quickly so please call early to reserve your spot today!

281-313-MATH (6284)

Small Group Class 

Group classes offer personalized tutoring in Math and Science subjects by keeping the teacher-to-student ratio low. These small group settings help students clarify material learned in class as well as prepare for any upcoming quizzes and tests. Click here for scheduling and pricing. 


We offer a range of after school tutorial services for Middle-High school students to help any type of student and academic goals.

At Mr. Jan's Math Class, we offer a variety of programs to fit your student's needs. Below is a brief description of each program.


These big, bad exams won't seem so bad after taking Mr. Jan's test prep course! We will show your student test taking strategies fit for their learning styles. Click here for more information.