281-313-MATH (6284)

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Program is a two week course that will focus on number sense and math/english fluency. Most of the issues
that we see with students in middle and high school are difficulties with comprehending how the different forms of the same value can change how difficult it will be to work with a certain problem. Students traditionally use what they are taught in school curriculum as the only method in solving a problem and tend to shy away from equal number values(such as fractions vs decimals) that would make the problem easier to solve with less mistakes. The other very popular issue is word problems. We hear about this in almost every consultation so we dedicate an entire week to teach students how to translate english into math as well as how to create word problems out of equations. The class will be three hours long and will be filled with different activities and projects that will keep the students excited and ready to learn rather than doing traditional lectures. Watch your students confidence soar and see them excited to start the new school year!


Program consist of hour long sessions three times a week with classes split between completing school
assignments as well as working on Mr. Jan’s number sense and critical thinking course work.

The Elementary Program targets multiple needs that many young students and parents have. Our tutors help the students with any curriculum based work as well as strengthen fundamental concepts (Our custom program) that we believe that young students need to ensure success in future algebraic courses. 

Proven test strategies and efficient practice methods to improve scores in district and state assessments, ACT, and SAT.


All Mr. Jan Math Class instructors are well trained tutors that specialize in small group and 1-on-1 instruction.


We offer a range of after school tutorial services for Middle-High school students to help any type of student and academic goals.

"You'll never be bored when you try something new.
​There's really no limit to
what you can do"


                                                 -Dr. Seuss